And…We’re Up! Trinity Applied Internet’s New Home!

Excuse the exclamation points, we know they’re not all super-professional marketeer-suaveish or anything like that, but we are super excited.

!!!!! Squee !!!!!

After a solid six years working remotely out of four different home office locations, we now have a tidy and smart little office space to call home. It’s at:

305 Edison Way, Reno

It was a little rough around the edges before we arrived, but after painting, carpeting and trim work, it’s looking pretty snazzy.


Inside…Erin’s office. Note the freight truck passing.

The Conference Room. Thank you to Cartbarn, for the loan of some very comfortable chairs.

Besides giving you some pictures, and an invitation to come by for a tour and cup of coffee at any point, we have a few things we really love about this place, and some important reasons this location suits us, and by extension our clients, so well.

First, we are within shouting distance to the coolest golf-cart and golf-cart accessories establishment on the West Coast – The Cartbarn! In fact, we’re in the upper floor of their office/warehouse. How’s that for local, family businesses supporting each other? It can be said we do love the folks we are so fortunate to work with.

Second, and really most importantly, we are in the heart of Reno’s long-established infastructure, manufacturing, and logistics core. Our immediate neighbors are NV Energy, Reno Fire Department, Washoe County School District, Truckee Meadows Community College. We’re within walking distance of multiple distribution centers, technology manufacturers, and the Reno Tahoe International Airport runway.

Not only are these companies our client base, they are a great metaphor for what Trinity Applied Internet does differently than shiny agencies in high-rise buildings. Now we love shiny agencies as much as the next guy, they rock, but when they need the custom platform, backbone, and a solid foundation, they come to us. We code the grid, as it were, and just we’re as proud of our working-class systems integration and rapid prototyping work, as we are of our best marketing website.

So, come on down and take a peek! We’re excited to share the GIANT freight trucks rolling by outside our picture windows, the totally awesome late sixties/early seventies architecture of our space, and the energy and zen of getting significant work done.

And now, back to regularly scheduled programming…in weeks to come we have Google mixing it all up again, some new staff introductions, and some educational thoughts on native vs. app-based mobile development.