Simplifying Business Automation

“Standardized tasks are the foundation for continuous improvement.”
– Jeffrey Liker, The Toyota Way.

Business automation can be a powerful tool to improve the effectiveness of business processes, contain costs, and provide better service. Business automation is often presented as a highly technical and intimidating subject.  What most business owners don’t realize that at its core, business automation is not about technology, but how ideas and information move from person to person. Getting started with some simple concepts and practical examples will help de-mystify business automation and allow you to start implementing automations in your own business. Trinity works with many of their clients on automating processes, often finding great technical solutions to address inefficiencies in workflow. That means your day just got a little easier, and you probably saved the company some money too.

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, Keith Anderson, CEO of Trinity, will be presenting “Leveraging Automation in Your Business” at a NCET Tech Bite event.  Keith will demonstrate a streamlined set of steps attendees can use within their own businesses to start and finish an automated process. He will provide a basic overview of what business automation can be, how to map processes visually, identify common steps in business workflows, and provide some creative examples for simple automations within existing businesses. Keith makes this subject approachable and you’ll leave with ideas you can take back and apply to your business. We invite you to attend!

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