We are so excited to announce that John Goetz has joined our development team. John brings a wide range of engineering expertise to our group, as well as a healthy appreciation for the great super heroes of all time.

Q. A little about you please…


A. I dropped out of Penn State (where the only classes propping up my GPA were Computer Science(CS)) to eventually join the Navy as a Reactor Operator on fast attack submarines (remember The Hunt for Red October? The US sub was my sister-ship; I was on one just like it). After the Navy, I relocated to Las Vegas where I *didn’t* major in gambling, got my BS in CS, taught high school CS for a while, eventually got my MS in CS, and then worked for the Dept. of Energy and Defense on various projects. After the Big Recession I spent a few years in CA, but I’m back in NV (hooray), this time in Reno, which I like better than LV already!


Q. What was the first computer you worked on?


A.  PDP-11 at Penn State. It was a card-reader, meaning you submitted your “stack” and waited as long as 24 hours for your output… talk about delayed gratification!


Q. What happens when you aren’t coding?


A.  When I’m not coding, I’m sleeping or riding (bicycles). Well, with the “new” house (built in 1995), probably painting instead of sleeping. I also meet up with my son and friends for an online game nights (he’s in China teaching English at a private school).


Q. What is the nickname you always wanted for yourself?


A.  Superman!


Q. What is the nickname you actually have?


A. Don’t really have one… Ubergeek, maybe? That’s too pretentious… maybe kinda-geek?


Q. Your go-to lunch is….?


A. Pizza of course. Cheese, black olives, and mushrooms. Yum, now I’m hungry.


Q. Favorite spot in Nevada?


A. I haven’t been in Reno long enough to explore too much, but I’m betting there’s places in the mountains I’m going to love hiking and exploring.


Q. If you could be a super hero, what would be your special power?


A. I’d be Spiderman, with lightning reflexes, “spider sense”, and sarcastic wit (the latter is probably the most important super power). If I could only have one power, though, I’d love to be Karma Man: instantly deliver karmic responses for good or evil deeds! “Take that flat tire, you horrible driver!”  “Here’s a winning lotto ticket, super nice person.”


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